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Chapter 1636 – Buddha, it hurts, it hurts so much connect inquisitive
Just where was the white-haired beast cultivator?
It had been a couple wonderful wings, with each and every feather staying intense and lifelike.
The wing on the left facet of her stomach lightly lit up up, and also it floated out, descending in the blood bone tissue and senior citizen monk’s renal jewel.
Tune Shuhang solemnly responded, “I’m mercifully ferrying the souls of these zombies.”
Wait, was not there a bright-haired beast cultivator with this extra fat whale’s stomach area?
She was while using the sabers as swords.
Track Shuhang inquired, “What does it do?”
Together with these scriptures, one could likewise be able to vaguely listen to most of the senior monk’s ideas. “Buddha, it hurts, it is painful so much… It appears that a renal system rock is painful this very much.”
There was clearly the noise of a follower unfolding.
Cultivation Chat Group
The virtuous lamia threw back the ‘Almighty Merchant’s sheet’ to Music Shuhang.
Presently, the history with the virtuous lamia was total. The sunlight of virtue at her waist spot dissipated… Then, a pair of small and wonderful wings stretched out from behind her stomach.
Then, one more great influx of gentle of virtue dropped on Fairy @#%×.
The renal stone of a mature monk (artificially cultivated edition).
Track Shuhang’s ❮Holy Ape Dragon Electrical power Technique❯ was extracted from that individual.
A ‘zombie’ that was only at your fourth Levels in terms of energy gained him electrical power of virtue comparable to those of thousands of normal Fourth Phase resentful souls.
Then, she spread her hands and fingers, standing upright within a ‘single-legged rooster’ plus ‘white crane utilizing its wings spread’ stance.
“What occured for the beast cultivator?” Melody Shuhang contemplated a possibility—
The zombie screamed in discomfort, now weakened and near deteriorating. So long as it was actually attacked any longer, it would become a dark-colored dragon nature rock.
The loaded light-weight of virtue enveloped her compact stomach and also the vicinity below her stomach.
Then, she needed the sheet and put up it in her shoulder muscles to cover her entire body.
An individual among them turned into worthy of tens of thousands of souls!
Piece of music Shuhang required, “What will it do?”
Every time considering that the lamia 1st progressed, her ‘snake tail’ would recede.
Piece of music Shuhang set his hands jointly, muttered ❮Ksitigarbha’s Heart and soul Ferrying Scripture❯ soundlessly, then aimed in the zombie.
That which was taking place ,?
Elderly Scarlet Paradise Sword explained, “I would like to acquire something from yourself, Fairy @#Percent× claims.”
Over the following moment, Tune Shuhang’s accounts obtained a supplementary 1,000.
Track Shuhang calmly mentioned, “Next.”
Melody Shuhang softly reported, “The undertaking might be carried out despite the presence of the spirit ferrying method?”
Song Shuhang inquired, “What should it do?”
What was taking?
Only the heavens understand how he was able to grow a fist-scaled material.
Music Shuhang identified as, “Quickly come down.”
Fairy Design and Track Shuhang acted in harmony.
The virtuous lamia threw back the ‘Almighty Merchant’s sheet’ to Melody Shuhang.

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